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Mama Bird trains for a big win

By Evan Kruegel - Posted on 18 October 2011

When team captain Tim Morrissy decided to enroll at CU, it was for more than the academics and a love of Boulder. It was for a chance to play for Mama Bird, CU’s top tier Ultimate Frisbee team.

Like many of his teammates, Morrissy played at a national level in high school and wanted to play for a top program in college. Ultimate Frisbee competition factored heavily into his college decision.

“Colorado has always stuck out as a top ultimate program to me, they consistently make the semi-finals at nationals every year. So I figured why not keep my ultimate career going by going to one of the top schools in the country for it,” said Morrissy.

The team practices all year round with two separate squads- the A team and the B team. The A team is for top-notch players only, While the B-team is for those who need a little extra work. Players can move up the ladder quickly, as captains of the team look for much more than just the quality of a throw.

“We look for guys who are going to be able to contend with the top players in the country and then we look for offensive skills. Not if the guy is throwing these great throws but if they are playing like a team and have great field sense - that’s what we look for,” said Morrissy.

Last season ended on a disappointing note. The team lost in the semi-finals at Nationals and were ranked third in the country. Expectations this year are very high with plenty of starters returning. The team was favored to win last year, and that should remain true for this season.

Morrissy thinks this team has what it takes:

“Everybody picked us to win, and we picked ourselves to win. So after a disappointing season we’re back on the field, hungry again. I really want to win one.”