“Tunnel of Oppression” hopes to end discrimination on campus

By Leigh Anne Smith – newsteamboulder.org


Around campus, oppression is an on going issue, and this week, CU has decided to act out against it. March 1-3, CU will host its annual “Tunnel of Oppression,” an interactive art exhibit in the UMC aimed at educating others about oppression and putting a stop to prejudice.

CU senior, Danielle Junod, believes the tunnel is a useful way to open students’
eyes. “I knew this was going on, but the different pictures and statistics showed
just how serious the problem is. Hopefully more and more people will come to
this and changes will be made.”

The tunnel depicts images related to all types of oppression such as sexism,
racism, classism and ageism. Startling pictures show the prominence of the
issues, and personal statistics from CU hit home for some students.

“It was sad that so many of the stories were actually from campus,” Junod.

The main goal of including such an exhibit in the UMC is to educate students in
hopes of them educating others.

Lynette Schweimler, a volunteer for the “Tunnel of Oppression” said, “It’s definitely been effective to have this. People know this is going on, but once these images are
laid out in front of you, it makes a big difference.

The “Tunnel of Oppression” is located in the UMC room 247 from 11 a.m.-6p.m. March 1-3.